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Contemporary Canal Loft, Amsterdam

Keeping the authenticity of a historical canal house alive, while transforming the interior into an upscale loft is what made this project one-of-a-kind. Details of antique wood, brushed marble, silk carpets and parchment around the fireplace bring harmony to the building its heritage.

A bedroom with custom-made capitone headboard, all assembled and knotted on the spot, shows the true craftsmanship that was put into this interior decor. The timeless wood finishes and mother of pearl details wrap this room into sophisticated nest. In your home you want a sense of peace and harmony, to be cocooned.

“In your home you want a sense of peace and harmony, to be cocooned”
The interior creates an ambiance of the luxury materials, a little softness and contemporary feel. We fully renovated and decorated the rooms with the client’s personality always in the back of our mind.
With a stunning view overlooking the city centre of Amsterdam and knowing the amount of passion skill that was put into the design by all the artisans, makes this a dream home.

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