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Heritage Canal House, Amsterdam

Inspired by the Silk Route from the Far East, to the Dutch Golden Age of the 16th century, we created an interior design for this World Heritage canal house in Amsterdam.

The entire renovation of the full property took a total of two years.

Taking all the wishes and preferences of the client into account, this canal house is completely designed and decorated from the construction on. The entrance of elegant boiserie and a special bend wooden staircase welcome you upwards to the rest of the house.

"Traditional techniques that are mainly used for restoration”
The fun is knowing how to preserve the right feeling, but with fresh interiors. We share a lot of detail about how things are made with clients. There are traditional techniques that are mainly used for restoration, such as gaufrage on fabrics, but can be used in new creations.

Imagine all the artisans craftsmanship behind it, from Venetian fabric weavers to innovative lighting designers and avant-garde furniture makers.

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